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University of California - Berkley - USA
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis - USA
Universidad Nacional del Comahue - ARGENTINA
Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague - CZECH REPUBLIC
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - CZECH REPUBLIC
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh - UNITED KINGDOM
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - BELGIUM
University of West Macedonia - GREECE
Illinois Institute of Technology - USA
Ghent University - BELGIUM
University of Wisconsin-Madison - USA
University of Leeds - UNITED KINGDOM
Slovak University of Technology - SLOVAKIA
Industrial Catalysis CPT-TU Delft – NETHERLANDS
National Institute of Chemistry - SLOVENIA
Technische Universitaet Dresden - GERMANY
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum - GERMANY
Industrial Technologies at Puchov - SLOVAKIA
Prague Institute of Chemical Technology – CZECH REPUBLIC
Wageningen Agricultural Univ - NETHERLANDS
Northwestern University – USA
Universidad Nacional de La Plata – ARGENTINA
Paul Scherrer Institute – SWITZERLAND
The University of Canterbury - NEW ZEALAND
The Hunan University - CHINA
University of Trencin - SLOVAK REPUBLICK
Institut für Angewandte Chemie - GERMANY
Free University Brussels - BELGIU
Twente University - NETHERLANDS

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